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Here is how we are saving lives one cup of coffee at a time.

Will you join us?

1. We have donated over $450,000 to pro-life organizations

It's simple, with every bag we sell, we donate back 10% of every sale to support ultrasound services at pregnancy care centers. So every mom can hear their child's heartbeat.

(meet our founder donating to a local center! )

2. We believe life begins at conception and should be fully protected.

Some might think we are crazy, but we believe life is a human right. Sorry Planned Parenthood!

3. We are OBSESSED with providing you the world's best coffee

We only source our coffee from the top 1-2% of beans in the world, making it the smoothest coffee you'll ever have.

Organic farming
Toxin & Mold free
Ultra Low Acid

4. Your coffee order helps sustainably employee hundreds of local farmers

Not many coffee companies can trace their crops to the farmer level...we can. Through our sourcing partners we personally know every farmer who grows the coffee you drink.

Because of our Direct Trade sourcing you'll enjoy unparalleled quality and support local farmers who are paid 300% more than what fair trade requires.

5. Customers love it! See what real customers are saying

Always so good!

Verified Buyer

"Second time buying this coffee but first time with the bundle. This coffee is one of the best that I’ve had! Will continue to support this wonderful company. Thank you for what you are doing AND for amazing coffee."

-Sara C.

Best Ever!!!

Verified Buyer

"Seven Weeks Coffee is the best home coffee I have purchased. It is smooth & not bitter tasting. My husband is very particular & he loves it too. I like the fact that I am helping the pro-life cause as well. Thank you Seven Weeks for all you do to make this world a better place"

-Kim S.

Love This Coffee!

Verified Buyer

"I've tried a variety of coffee and this is by far the best flavor and quality. I was looking for a mold free and pesticide free product and when I found 7 weeks - it was a win-win. I am so happy to have great coffee and also support a valuable cause. Thank you for this great company!"

-Laurie H.

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Is our coffee organic?

Our coffee is not certified organic, as it is a difficult and costly process to obtain a certification...

...But we know all our farmers and how our coffee crops are grown and harvested. Whenever possible, organic practices are used by our farmers, along with detailed quality control inspections. Our sourcing is transparent and is as clean as coffee gets! 

Taste the difference in every sip:

  • Mold & Toxin free
  • Organic farming practices

How do we source our coffee?

We source our coffee through Direct Trade, considered the most ethical method, as we collaborate directly with local coffee farmers. We go beyond fair trade standards by paying farmers 300% more, ensuring they earn fair and legitimate wages. 

From farm to cup, we're revolutionizing the coffee industry by establishing a supply chain that prioritizes uplifting people before profits.

How do we save lives?

Seven Weeks Coffee was started in 2021 as a values-based business that is on a mission to save the unborn by providing the world's best specialty coffee and donating 10% of every sale to pro-life pregnancy care centers across the nation. This is upwards of 50% of our profits

It's simple, when you drink Seven Weeks Coffee you are saving lives.

How long for my order to ship?

Your order will ship in 1-3 business days.

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