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Transforming your coffee shop into a pro-life ministry

Why purchase from our wholesale program?

Uplift Farmers

Serve coffee from farmers who are paid legitimate wages.

Tangible Impact

Direct Trade

We provide coffee that is sourced through Direct Trade. This is the most transparent way to ensure farmers are paid a legitimate wage. 

Faith-Based Supply Chain

Through both local churches and personal relationships in Ethiopia, our coffee importer puts an emphasis on community development–specifically helping orphans and youth in impoverished situations.

Supports Life

We donate 10% of every sale to Pregnancy care centers.

Superior Quality

Empirically Ranked

Our coffee is specialty graded and comes from the award-winning region of Sidama, Ethiopia.

Single Origin

Our green coffee is Single Origin, grown and harvested from small lots. Our coffee is free of pesticides and mold.

High Altitude

High altitude coffees are world-renowned for their complex and unique flavor profiles, with natural notes of fruit, cocoa, and floral. Our high mountain coffee is grown at approximately 6,500ft.

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