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We believe every life is worth fighting for

With each order placed, you will directly help fund our network of over 850 pro-life organizations across the country.

Thank you for letting your coffee serve a greater purpose.

- Anton Krecic, Founder

Our Impact

In just over two years we have been able to donate over $380,000—saving an estimated 3,000 unborn lives.

Why the name Seven Weeks?

At seven weeks of development a baby is the size of a coffee bean—and for the first time, a heartbeat is clearly detectable.

How do we save lives?

When you drink our coffee you will help save lives because we donate 10% of every sale to pro-life pregnancy care centers—this is upwards of 50% of our profits

It's simple: Drink Coffee, Save Lives.

What makes our coffee the best?

Our coffee is harvested in the most natural way possible, whenever possible, organic practices are used by our farmers. It's as clean as coffee gets! 

Taste the difference in every sip:

  • Mold & Toxin free
  • Organic farming practices
  • Ultra-low acid

How do we source our coffee?

Not many coffee companies can trace their crops to the farmer level...we can. Through our sourcing partners we personally know every farmer who grows the coffee you drink.

This type of sourcing is know as Direct Trade, which is the most ethical way to source coffee. It allows you to enjoy unparalleled quality and support local farmers.

Furthermore, we pay our farmers 300% more than fair-trade coffee requires.

Who we have been able to support

Seven Weeks Coffee proudly partners and supports over 850 pregnancy centers nationwide.

The partnership grant purchased a car seat and a pack-n-play for one of our clients! Thank you so much for this gift and for what you are doing with your business to promote Pro Life! God Bless!

Life Options Green Hills

Our partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee has allowed us to be able to stay true to our vision: To help any and every person facing an unplanned pregnancy by being a welcoming refuge where solutions, services, and support are provided. We are so grateful to be able to share this opportunity with our donors and support this great endeavor!

Alpha Pregnancy Care Center

By promoting our link to our local supporters and participating in a partnership month, we received enough funds to pay for at least 4 ultrasound visits for clients. Thank you SWC!

Choices Clinical of Laurel

This partnership has helped us to be able to continue serving women not only prior to a pregnancy decision with free pregnancy testing and Limited OB Ultrasounds, but also in allowing our center to provide assistance to women who ultimately choose Life with our new 'Beyond the Birth' assistance program. Thank You Seven Weeks Coffee! La Obra Sigue Adelante ... The Work Goes On!

-Inside Connection

“We have witnessed a lot of enthusiasm for our partnership with Seven Weeks. Our community has enjoyed trying a new coffee while giving back to us at the same time. We gave out sample bags in the gift bags for our annual fundraising gala and loved being able to give our donors a new way to support us. Thank you for your partnership!”

-Guiding Star Siouxland

"We are so excited to be partnering with Seven Weeks Coffee and have been so encouraged by their heart for life and the how they contribute to pregnancy care centers like ours.  We hope people will continue to allow their coffee to serve a greater purpose through Seven Weeks Coffee, enabling us to serve our the families of our community in a greater way."

-Heartbeats Pregnancy Care Center

Partnering with Seven Weeks Coffee is such a blessing.  It is a great way to benefit our center while also giving our donors something they love. The small packages we gave away at our banquet were a big hit too.

Rebecca Smith, Executive Director for Pregnancy Choices

We are so grateful for our partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee! Because of our partnership, we are able to provide life-giving support to moms (and dads) who may not otherwise have the resources to confidently parent their children. The donation we received from our partnership month will allow us to cover the needs of a parent/family who comes to Alpha for a full year! Thank you, Seven Weeks Coffee - we stand together FOR LIFE!

Meaghan Sindoni, Alpha Pregnancy Care Center

"Seven Weeks Coffee has been a blessing to Anne Ministries! Their generous donations to our ministry has helped us to continue the work God has called us to do in helping support mamas, babies, and families in our community!"

-Anne Ministries

Seven Weeks Coffee has truly blessed us in such a time of need. Our center has been in a financial struggle the last few months and to receive the grant of $700 truly was such an answer to prayer and has made a huge impact. Thank you!!

The Door Life and Pregnancy Resource Center

"The Partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee is such a blessing to all of us at Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center. We are excited to receive our first grant funding and plan to use the funds to purchase books and supplies for mentorship and Bible class studies for our clients!"

-Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center

Partnering with Seven Weeks Coffee has been a huge blessing to us!! This partnership has allowed us to continue our growing efforts in Fundraising & Marketing. We have also found that our Donors want to support businesses that also support the work we do and are eagerly reaching out wanting to know how they can support us while shopping. 

-Oasis of Hope