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Direct Trade

Seven Weeks Coffee's commitment to life starts at the source.

When we first launched, it was a priority that source our coffee in the most ethical way possible, because we did not want to buy coffee that contributes to the injustice that is taking place within the coffee industry.

Often times coffee farmers are paid pennies on the dollar for their crop and never have an opportunity to sell directly to buyers.

For us, we personally know and trust every farmer who grows the coffee you'll drink. Not many coffee companies can say that.

This type of sourcing is known as Direct Trade, and is the most ethical way to source coffee. It allows us to have a fully transparent supply chain and pay farmers directly, so a middle man cannot undercut them. Furthermore, we pay farmers 300% more than fair-trade requires.

Simply put, we are Pro-Abundant Life, from the farmers we support to the lives we help save.

"From farm to cup we are transforming the coffee industry by creating a supply chain that uplifts people before profits."


Our coffee is harvested in the most natural way possible. When possible, our farmers use all organic practices and bring their coffee directly to the washing station. Furthermore, because of our Direct Trade sourcing, we have full transparency over all our coffee crops, and meticulously vet for the highest quality coffees.

Think of it like going to your local farmers market. There are no labels or fancy slogans, just fresh products for you. The only reason we can't say “certified organic" is because the cost to get official certifications.

But our coffee is as clean as coffee gets!