Seven Weeks Coffee's commitment to life starts at the source.

When we first launched, it was a priority that we partner with a supplier who cared for the dignity of human life, because we did not want to import coffee that contributes to the injustice that is taking place within the coffee industry.

Through a mutual connection, we providentially met with Genesis Coffee Lab, a faith-centered coffee importer and roaster who is working hard every day to transform the coffee industry. Right away, we knew partnering with Genesis would be a perfect match. 

Genesis Coffee Lab’s relationship with the coffee producers is known as Direct Trade. They personally know the Washing Station owners who trade equitably with the hundreds of coffee farmers. Through this relationship, farmers can bring their crops to market and earn honest wages.

From farm to cup we are transforming the coffee industry by creating a supply chain that uplifts people before profits.


What also makes our partnership with Genesis special is the quality of our coffee. Our coffee is from the mountainous region of Dara, Sidama—in Ethiopia—sitting 6,500ft above sea level. This is considered High Mountain Coffee, which is often viewed as the superior coffee.

The cooler climates prevent coffee plants from growing too quickly, allowing for prolonged growth to fully mature the plants. This gives way to a denser coffee seed and a more complex flavor profile, highlighting the natural notes of floral, fruit, and cocoa. High mountain coffee is also far less susceptible to disease and infestation. 

We hold ourselves to high standards, and through our sourcing partner, we believe our coffee will stand apart in the specialty coffee industry.