Haitian Microlot
Haitian Microlot

Haitian Microlot

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Pro-Life Coffee

Size:12 oz

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  • Give back 10% of every order to pro-life organizations
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Introducing our flagship microlot Haitian coffee. It produces a nutty and consistently smooth taste with ultra-low acidity—a must-try for coffee enthusiasts.

*Whole bean only

Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, Creamy, Smooth Finish

    Why you'll love our coffee

    Stomach Friendly

    Our coffee is shade grown and low acid, making it easy on the stomach.

    The good you'll do

    Your order will directly help fund our network of over 750 pro-life organizations across the country.

    In two years we have been able to donate over $300,000—saving lives across the nation.


    The Heartbeat Club is our subscription service for people who love coffee and are pro-life!

    Think of it like a monthly donation, every time your order is placed we donate back 10% to pro-life organizations who are saving the unborn in communities across the US.

    Heartbeat Club benefits:

    • No commitment, you can pause, modify or cancel at any time.
    • Save 15% on every order.
    • Access to exclusive perks.
    • Most importantly...you will be saving lives every month.

    Our coffee is not certified organic, as it is a difficult and costly process to obtain a certification...

    ...But we know all our farmers and how our coffee crops are grown and harvested. Whenever possible, organic practices are used by our farmers, along with detailed quality control inspections. Our sourcing is transparent and is as clean as coffee gets! 

    Taste the difference in every sip:

    • Mold & Toxin free
    • Organic farming practices
    • Ultra-low acid

    We source our coffee through Direct Trade, considered the most ethical method, as we collaborate directly with local coffee farmers. We go beyond fair trade standards by paying farmers 300% more, ensuring they earn fair and legitimate wages. 

    From farm to cup, we're revolutionizing the coffee industry by establishing a supply chain that prioritizes uplifting people before profits.

    When you drink our coffee you will help save lives because we donate 10% of every sale to pro-life pregnancy care centers—this is upwards of 50% of our profits

    It's simple: Drink Coffee, Save Lives.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews

    I have had this coffee the last 5 days and I must say it is quite delightful. That being said I am not to hard to please. I prefer getting whole beans and grinding right before making my coffee. I will likely order again in the near future.

    Laurie Manthei

    So good, so fresh. No wax on the beans, evenly roasted and definitely enjoyed.


    The Haitian blend is the absolute best. We love ALL of seven weeks coffee and we love that they work to protect the ones who can’t protect themselves. Great coffee and a Great Mission. Couldn’t ask for anything more!


    Good coffee but the price is too high for me.

    Mariano Rodriguez
    Great coffee

    Great coffee

    Franklin Esson
    Haitian Microlot

    Delicious coffee, but more importantly, the cause is godly and purposeful

    Janelle Hyde Williams
    Great Medium Roast - smooth yet full bodied

    Love the Haitian Microlot! We usually drink the Faith Blend, which is dark roast, but sometimes we want something not quite as strong. The Haitian Microlot fits the bill without going too far in the other direction. Still nice and full bodied, but just a little mellower. My new favorite! And we of course love the mission behind Seven Weeks Coffee. Love what they are doing to support the sanctity of life!