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Why Seven Weeks?

At seven weeks of development a baby is the size of a coffee bean—and for the first time, a heartbeat is clearly detectable.

Meticulously roasted Specialty Coffee, from the top beans in the world

Our coffee is specialty grade, single-origin and harvested from small lot farms in award-winning coffee regions.

✔ Organically Farmed

✔ Pesticide & Mold free

✔ Ultra-Low acid

Supporting farmers through Direct Trade

Your order will directly benefit local coffee farmers because of our Direct Trade sourcing. We pay our farmers double what fair-trade requires.

Our mission is to promote Godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart.

Our Direct Impact

We lead with our tithe by donating 10% of every sale. In just over a year, we have raised more than $175,000 for pregnancy centers nationwide.

"This is the coffee company for the pro-life movement."

— Lila Rose, Founder of LiveAction


In proud partnership with Lila Rose

"This is the coffee company for the pro-life movement." - Lila Rose