Colombia Anaerobic

Colombia Anaerobic

Sale price$35.00

Tasting Notes: Winey, Guava, Banana

Region: Colombia, Tolima

Elevation: 1600M

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Variety: Red Caturra

Size:12 oz

Limited Edition Series

Enjoy our limited edition coffee series. Thoughtfully crafted and expertly roasted for those who desire the unparalleled taste of the finest coffees in the world.

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Dark Roast Delicious!

I'd considered myself a bit of a "coffee snob" and have tried many different coffee brands and roasts. Usually I like medium to dark. This is by far the BEST dark roast I've ever had!! Very flavorful, smooth, not bitter at all, and love the chocolatey aftertaste. I also love that it has low acidity as I drink my coffee black when intermittent fasting and it doesn't bother my stomach. Highly recommend! I'm back to buy more!

Amazing Coffee. Super smooth and delicious. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a nice smooth and not too strong coffee.

Coffee is good, just too expensive.

Ethiopia - Medium Roast
Christopher Schreier

Ethiopia - Medium Roast

Hope Blend - Medium Roast
Christine Gallup
coffee review

This coffee is very good. no bitter taste

I have had this coffee the last 5 days and I must say it is quite delightful. That being said I am not to hard to please. I prefer getting whole beans and grinding right before making my coffee. I will likely order again in the near future.

Life Blend - Medium Roast
Holly Masquelier
Good Coffee

We enjoyed this coffee. Very smoothed no bitter after taste.

Espresso Roast
Jennifer G

To be honest, I add in the espresso with my dark roast and just drink it with my coffee but I love it that way!

Awesome coffe for the babies!

Haitian Microlot
Laurie Manthei

So good, so fresh. No wax on the beans, evenly roasted and definitely enjoyed.

Great flavor

Love this coffee and love the mission of Seven Weeks!

Makes a great latte that I can feel good about

The espresso roast from seven weeks coffee makes a smooth shot that tastes delicious in a latte. It’s especially good within the first few weeks of purchase. With the higher quality coffee, I think I could notice more when it was past its peak freshness. I do wish they had the roast date printed on the bag, but I trust that it was roasted within a few days before it was shipped. It cost more than the grocery store coffee I was getting, but prices are really competitive when you look at other organic, low acid, mold free coffee subscriptions. I feel good about supporting a company that aligns with my values.

Excellent coffee

I love strong dark coffee. I chose the faith blend and I’m thrilled with it. It is delicious, (not bitter) and very smooth. I am so happy to be saving lives with my purchases. I joined the heart beat club for autoship orders.

Premium Blend Bundle
Dennis Giambroni
Good stuff

Really enjoying your coffee. Glad I made the order. The dark roast I haven’t been a fan of in the past but enjoying yours now!

Consistently Delicious!

I’ve been drinking this coffee daily for the better part of a year now, and every cup is delicious. The beans always arrive on time, fresh and ready to grind. I also deeply appreciate SWCs commitment to life, and making a seeming small part of the day have a much bigger impact. I’ve also served the coffee to my church a few times, and they make excellent pastor or deacon appreciation gifts!

Coffee Pods - Medium Roast
Marchetta Silvernail

I can't tell if it is tastes amazing because of the quality or because I know I am supporting a company that shares my values. Either way, I'll be ordering again soon!

Ethiopia - Dark Roast
Marge Connelly

It would appear that my friends all love dark roast coffee. I have given them your coffee.

Excellent Espresso

I’ve pretty picky about my coffee beans and after trying two varieties from Seven Weeks I’m hooked :) it’s even better to be able to support women and babies with my coffee bucks, too!

Dear Sugar Addict

This coffee is so incredibly smooth that this sugar addict can drink it black! 🖤

Excellent taste

Delicious coffee

Great coffee ✅

Coffee Pods - Medium Roast
Sarah Peck-Pearson

Very good coffee. I loved the storage box having the mission and vision written on the box. I thought it would be great adverting for the coffee at offices, churches, homes etc.

Better than Starbucks!

Delicious coffee is unbelievable! I can't get enough.

Great product and we love celebrating our grandbaby safe in her Mom’s womb!