Burundi Bourbon

Burundi Bourbon

Sale price$40.00

Tasting Notes: Lemon Sparkle, Caramel, Crisp Finish

Region: Burundi, Kayanza 

Elevation: 1960M

Process: Washed 

Variety: Bourbon

Size:12 oz

Limited Edition Series

Enjoy our limited edition coffee series. Thoughtfully crafted and expertly roasted for those who desire the unparalleled taste of the finest coffees in the world.

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Highly Recommended

The bundle is great foe those who like this blend. For coffee beans itself, no complains about it. Tastes great and beans fresh.

Espresso Roast
Stephanie Bourgerie
Smooth and Rich

This makes a great cup of coffee. For those looking for a robust dark espresso this may not be for you. But for those of us looking for a smooth rich nutty cup this
checks all the boxes.

Premium Ethiopian Bundle
Dorothy Moretti


Ethiopia - Medium Roast
Kelly Fournier
Coffee Love

Excellent Everyday Roast!

Gifted it to my Mother. She said it is the best coffee she has ever had!

Premium Blend Bundle
Louise Friend

Bought one set for a silent auction to spread brand awareness. Bought another set for Christmas present for my son and daughter-in-law. Very much hope they'll let me sample. Saving stocking stuffer in case I need emergency gift; if not, I'll indulge!

Product came quickly and was in good shape despite box getting what looked like a slash during transit. Very pleased.

Life Blend - Medium Roast
Jeni Friedersdorf
Very good!

Love your coffee.

Perfect delicious choice

I’m really enjoying the convenience of my coffee pods. I’m usually a dark roast person but this medium roast fills the bill nicely with a rich taste that’s not over-powering.

Ethiopia - Dark Roast
Cris Salamanca
So good!

This is the best tasting coffee ever! I recently ran out and tried something else and realized how low bitterness, sweet tasting this coffee is. And I'm supporting life, how awsome is that!

Great Coffee!

Great flavor and smooth, less acidic.

Hasn’t Arrived

Ethiopia - Medium Roast
Donald Staffenson
I have no title, sad sad sad

look forward to each morning

Faith Blend - Dark Roast


Good coffee with an even better purpose!!

Ethiopia - Light Roast
Dane Van Allen
Delicious and supports a good cause

My wife and I have tried many, many go-to daily coffees from other online sellers as well as roasters local to our region. Seven Weeks shocked us by blowing them all out of the water in both the flavor and quality of the espresso shots we pull with it. It’s a hair pricier than most other “gourmet” whole bean coffees, but the difference in price really only accounts for the portion of sales they commit to pregnancy centers and other life-saving organizations across the country. With so many companies that silently support the culture of death around us, we are thankful that we found one that is actively fighting against it for the cause of life… the amazing zoom legumes is a nice bonus, too.

Smooth and Fresh

I absolutely love the hope blend. You can taste the freshness and the flavor is delicious.

Yevgeniya Sanchez
Superbly smooth

I am not a coffee connoisseur by no means but I was able to tell a deliciously smooth cup of coffee with this one. I actually had to stop after one good sip and comment to myself on how good this coffee tastes. Oh, and the fact that I am saving the unborn as I drink? The most important part! This is not the cheapest coffee I have bought but life is not cheap.

Maddy Van Tol


Great coffee, great cause!

Espresso Roast
Mark Lauer
Excellent flavor

Smooth roasted flavor. Not too week or strong for espresso. Easy to brew bold if I want it that way.

The coffee tastes great and supports a great cause!

so good

love this coffee

The smoothest coffee around!

Espresso Roast
Kayelyn Fry
So good!

We love Seven Weeks Coffee!! It's delicious and we love what they stand for!! 😍👶

smooth and delicious! Works will in my espresso machine!