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About our coffee

We like to say our coffee is better than organic!

Our coffee is harvested in the most natural way possible. Our farmers use all organic practices and bring their coffee directly to the washing station. Pesticides are never used, and our coffee is also 100% mold free!

Think of it like going to your local farmers market. There are no labels or fancy slogans, just fresh products for you. The only reason we can't say “certified organic" is because the family farmers are not able to get official certifications.

But our coffee is as clean as coffee gets!

Our coffee is sourced in the award winning region of Sidama, Ethiopia.

Our coffee is ultra-low acid because of the high elevation growth process!

Order info

Coffee orders are fulfilled between 2 and 5 business days from order.

Currently we seeing higher than normal order volume. Please assume 4-5 business day.

Merchandise orders ship separate and take 5-7 business days.

Most orders are shipped through priority mail USPS. Which means they should arrive within 2 and 4 business days.

Our coffee is shipped in vacuum sealed bags, which means our coffee always arrives at peak freshness! Keeping the coffee stored in these bags is also the best way to maintain freshness.

About Seven Weeks Coffee

At seven weeks of development, a baby is the size of a coffee bean, and for the first time—a heartbeat is clearly detectable.

We donate 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers. You can learn more on our Impact page.

Our Beliefs

We believe life begins at conception and that every child should be fully protected beginning at conception.

Abortion is never medically necessary and there should never be an exception to kill an innocent human being.