Partnership FAQ

Hello Partners, this page should contain everything you need to raise money for your organization through us. If you are new, carefully note the NEXT STEPS below.

If you get stuck, feel free to email us at


Welcome to our Partnership Program for Pregnancy Care centers and Pro-Life organizations! If you are here, it should mean you have already applied and been approved into the program.

What are the next steps in your onboarding?

  1. Bookmark this page. You'll want to come back to it later.

  2. Grant. Enroll in a Partnership Grant Month using this form.

  3. Enter Payment Details.
    Log in here to your Affiliate Dashboard. Inside you can enter a Paypal address to receive funds.

  4. Start Referring Customers.
    Log in here to your Affiliate Dashboard to retrieve your URL & QR code.

    Share your unique Referral URL widely across your network to start earning donations from coffee sales!

  5. Explore this Page. Look through it to find other useful resources, such as a form to request free coffee for a fundraiser event.

You'll enjoy numerous benefits as a SWC Partner. All the details are found further down this page:

  1. Cash Grants. One to two times per year, receive a cash grant.
  2. Fundraiser Coffee. One to two times per year, we can donate coffee used for fundraiser events.
  3. Affiliate Link.  Generate donations year-round by sharing a unique link to our store as widely as possible. Earn 15% on all sales from customers you refer--for the life of the customer.
  4. Discount. Enjoy wholesale pricing on bulk coffee yourself, or 10% OFF small orders (using the code "Partnership22" at checkout).

Receive Donations

PayPal is the preferred method so we can automate payments monthly to your center.

Please enter your Paypal details inside your Affiliate Dashboard settings.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please create one. If that is not possible, will make donations quarterly on your website.

Your unique affiliate referral URL is in your Affiliate Dashboard. Click this link to log in.

If you forget your login, click Forgot Password. You'll need to know the email address associated with the account.

There, you can also see your earnings, change your payment method, get a QR code, and more.

We want to give each Partner a special cash grant one or two times per year. This is separate from, and in addition to, your Referral URL earnings!

Simply enroll in a Partnership Grant Month (PGM) using this form.

Get Coffee

If you'd like to purchase coffee for use, gifts, or resale, we offer Wholesale pricing to Partners! This is typically around 30% less than retail.

Please note there are minimum orders, and that price varies based on the specific roast. (Blends cost less than Single Origin.)

5lb Wholesale pricing

12oz Wholesale pricing

4ozWholesale pricing

K-Cups Wholesale pricing

Is your Pregnancy Center or Pro-Life Org throwing an important fundraiser event? We'd love to donate the coffee used for brewing and auctions/raffles, up to once or twice per year!

Simply fill out this request form.

Please note we require at least 3 weeks notice before the event date.

While Wholesale (bulk) is the best pricing we offer your org, it does require minimum order volumes. For smaller orders, use this code to get 10% Off at checkout:


Combine with your Referral URL for the greatest savings.

(Please do not share this code outside of your organization’s employees/volunteers.)

Get Graphics / Flyers

A link to these printable .pdfs were sent with a link inside your Welcome Email (or Hello email). Please search your inbox for that Welcome Email.

Make sure you're searching the email address associated with your partner account. If you have trouble, please email

Here is a general promotional package containing different graphics & templates for you to use.

Inside you will see:

  • Promotional images for social media and email use
  • An email template that you can use to promote the coffee
  • Wholesale info if you are interested in our donor gifts or a bulk coffee order

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