Claim your FREE Pro-Life Tote on subscription orders $30+
Claim your FREE Pro-Life Tote on subscription orders $30+
Hope Blend - Medium Roast
Hope Blend - Medium Roast

Hope Blend - Medium Roast

198 reviews

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Delicious Taste
Hope Blend - Medium Roast
Hope Blend - Medium Roast 12 oz / Whole Bean

Why Drink Seven Weeks Coffee?

Coffee you'll love

Our coffee is harvested in the most natural way possible, whenever possible, organic practices are used by our farmers. It's as clean as coffee gets!

The good you'll do

Your order will directly help fund our network of over 800 pro-life organizations across the country.

In two years we have been able to donate over $350,000—saving lives across the nation.

The farmer you'll support

Not many coffee companies can trace their crops to the farmer level...we can. Through our sourcing partners we personally know every farmer who grows the coffee you drink.

Because of our Direct Trade sourcing you'll enjoy unparalleled quality and support local farmers who are paid 300% more than what fair trade requires.


What is the Heartbeat Club?

The Heartbeat Club is our subscription service for people who love coffee and are pro-life! 

Think of it like a monthly donation, every time your order is placed we donate back 10% to pro-life organizations who are saving the unborn in communities across the US.

Heartbeat Club benefits:

  • No commitment, you can pause, modify or cancel at any time.
  • Save 15% on every sale.
  • Access to exclusive perks.
  • Spend $50+ & get a surprise gift on 3rd order
  • Most will be saving lives every month.

How do we source our coffee?

We source our coffee through Direct Trade, considered the most ethical method, as we collaborate directly with local coffee farmers. We go beyond fair trade standards by paying farmers 300% more, ensuring they earn fair and legitimate wages. 

From farm to cup, we're revolutionizing the coffee industry by establishing a supply chain that prioritizes uplifting people before profits.

How are we saving lives?

Seven Weeks Coffee was started in 2021 as a values-based business that is on a mission to save the unborn by providing the world's best specialty coffee and donating 10% of every sale to pro-life pregnancy care centers across the nation. This is upwards of 50% of our profits

It's simple, when you drink Seven Weeks Coffee you are saving lives.

Additional coffee details

  1. Our coffee is gluten free and is produced in a coffee only facility.
  2. No flavors, additives, or preservatives are added to our coffee. It's 100% pure Arabica Coffee!

Hear from our fans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
Nina Krzyske
Hope coffee

Delish, but the best part is saving babies!!

Brittany Lavoie
Delicious amd for a wonderful cause

I have begunswitching from all my old products i enjoy to brands that actually make a difference and have the same values as I do. Seven Weeks Coffee is not only delicious and easy on my delicate stomach, but also supports the innocent lives that are threatened every day. I am so happy I found a good coffee company who is prolife ❤️

Amy Burke

Love this coffee! Can’t go back to store-bought.

Elda Contreras

Perfect blend


Great coffee for an even greater cause!


I tried this coffee for the first time. I like buying the whole beans to ground right before brewing. It’s delicious. It’s smooth, rich and I was pleased.


Great priduct in so many ways!

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We are saving lives one cup off coffee at a time

We are saving lives one cup off coffee at a time